Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sugar Got Boots! ~ Montana Dog Photography

-10ยบ this morning here in Bigfork so Sugar needed some serious cold-weather protection. Got her some boots yesterday and reluctantly she let me put them on her today. She was not a happy camper as you can see in the first shot. But they did keep her paws warm and dry allowing me to do a study of her first seriously cold Montana day enjoying the snow despite those annoying things on her paws.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nick & Sempi~ Montana Dog & Documentary Photography

I've been documenting the relationship between people and their dogs for over 3 years now. Last week I was there for the deepest, saddest part between a dog and his human. This was the most difficult shoot I have done and Nick felt it would help him to have me there. Nick, a teacher in the adaptive world of disabled skiing and wilderness adventurer and guide, and Sempi, a 14 year old Siberian Husky, have jored together over 8000 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Nick got Sempi at 8 weeks old and over their 14 years together Nick's understanding of love deepened as happens to all us dog people. But most beautiful is the definition of the name Nick gave his young pup: Sempi, defined on wikipedia as "a relationship with reciprocal obligations, somewhat similar to a mentoring relationship." Wow.

Sempi passed four hours after Nick curled up with him to say goodbye. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving week I love celebrating these two beings that were so grateful to have had each other in their lives. Let's all be thankful for our wonderful friends both canine and human this and every week. And if you know someone that would like to donate a pup to Nick's future wilderness adventures please be in touch.

Nick and Sempi during the summer when we first met

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lucky Boy

Teresa contacted me about booking a dog portrait session which would be of just one of her and her husband's four dogs. Lucky, this handsome border collie/karelian bear dog mix, has a special relationship with her husband. Lucky came into their lives shortly after they lost another dog tragically and knew intuitively how to comfort him - by keeping him busy by throwing sticks of course! So this session was to document the energy of Lucky and his passion for sticks to get the perfect image for the perfect dog lover's holiday gift: a large print on metal (see first image) by the great vintage sign makers at Meissenburg Designs. We of course also got some great images of just Teresa and Lucky that her husband is sure to love too.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Danielle & Jon ~ Montana Wedding Photography

I'm not sure there's any words to describe this wedding except to be clear that this took place on the Jersey Shore and not in Dubai! Really incredible venue (The Mallard Island Yacht Club) not just for the architecture and the location but because they allow dogs!!! Gotta love that. And Jon & Danielle couldn't have both looked more amazing and been more of a pleasure to spend the day with and photograph. Thank you both for thinking of me 5 years after meeting at the Serban's wedding.