Friday, October 11, 2013

Butte, America ~ Montana Fine Art & Editorial Photography

I thought it would be more monochromatic. But instead I found a town the colors of the earth. Sadly I was only there to sleep and then drove around a little bit in the morning after exploring the Hotel Finlen where I stayed. Can't wait to get back.

Summer Flashback ~ Montana Dog & Editorial Photography

Daisy, the largest dog I've ever met, spent a lot of time this summer hanging out on the beach that Sugar and I frequented. She has a wonderful relationship with her humans that was loads of fun to watch. Her size and her brindle coloring made her seem like another species of animal.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meet the Neighbors ~ Montana Editorial & Fine Art Photography

I know they are always seeing me when Sugar and I hike and most of the time I never see them (thankfully) but I love to see evidence in mud holes on the trail. These are all from just this week on the trail behind my house. The wolf and bear tracks were just 4 feet from each other and the mountain lion was just a five minute walk further down trail.

Mountain Lion prints

Bear prints

Wolf print