Friday, December 4, 2009

Origin of the Species

Just recently posted about how I needed to become a dog photographer since Sugar demands so much of my energy and time but I now want to share how I think I was destined to do this since childhood. I've had many distractions in my career (ie paying the rent) but I recently rediscovered my origins as an animal/nature lover and photographer in my childhood photo album. Some of the images were co-opted from my older sister and mom but the round-edged square images were taken with my first camera. Apologies to my sister whose photo (taken by my mother) seems devilishly placed on the first portfolio page I ever dedicated to my animal photos which includes my friend's pet skunk, Faberge, and some sickly camels in a local drive thru safari. The scrapbooking section is quite funny and foretelling with a whole page dedicated to a weim.

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