Monday, July 26, 2010

Kodachrome, Adieu ~ Montana Documentary Photography

I've been happily shooting digitally for the last 3 years. Prior to that my passion was Kodachrome slide film for my documentary and fine art work (weddings were always shot on negative film and I don't think my dog photography could have be done in a non-digital world). Like many photographers I just LOVED the beauty of Kodachrome and how it rendered my world view. As Kodak announced last year that it was discontinuing the film it's no surprise to learn that a lab in Kansas just processed the very last rolls of Kodachrome. The honor was given to photographer Steve McCurry. Read about the final lab run here.

Below is a sample of images I shot on Kodachrome with everything from Nikon's FM2, F4 and F100, to an Olympus point-and-shoot. I feel very deeply about this selection of images - some are very personal and some are the first images I took that made me fall in love with photography. I included rounded edges to convey the feeling of looking at the chrome in the original Kodak slide mount. All are now part of photographic history. For more of my documentary/fine art work visit


Alison said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I LOVE all of them. You are so talented, Lauren.

Kenn Rabin said...

Thanks for sharing these images, Lauren. I saw your post to the NY Times a few down from mine, and was curious to see your images. They're really interesting and wonderful, and they are SO Kodachrome! A lot of us around the world will be mourning -- even though I suppose by taking up digital, we were part of the problem. To me, b/w will always be more interpretive, which is why I love to do it -- digital or not. But when an image is "about" color, there was nothing better than Kodachrome. Best of continued luck in the new year!

Lauren Grabelle Photography said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kenn, and for the compliment on my work too.