Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Many Faces of Hannah (& Jack) ~ Montana Family Photography

I was thrilled recently to get to spend the day with Kitty & Pat and document their children having a classic Montana summer day at their grandparent's farm house in Polson. Kitty & Pat were clients of mine back in 2002 (see wedding photos from the days of film below) when they got married in Pasadena, CA, and some how we managed to stay in touch and now have a greater connection through the beautiful area where I now live and where they visit every summer. They are clients that I could never forget as they admitted hiring me to be their wedding photographer based on my bathroom reading material (Outside Magazine and The New Yorker) and getting to be in awe of meeting Kitty's cousin Dave Hahn who at the time had sumitted Everest 7 times! Talk about awe! Thanks, Kitty & Pat for letting me spend the day with your family (again!) which I enjoyed immensely.


Kitty said...

We had a great time with you last month, and what a pleasure to have so many great images to remember the day by! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids enjoy time with their grandparents in this very spot in Montana where I used to hang out with my grandpa. Thanks for bringing more joy and the memories of it to our lives!

Lauren Grabelle Photography said...

Loved doing it!

Megan said...