Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update: Nick & Yireh ~ Montana Dog Photography

Smiles this time. To make up for everyone crying with the post on Nick & Sempi and Sempi's passing I went yesterday with Nick to get his new pup - Yireh Tihomir. Yireh: Hebrew for provider. Tihomir: Russian for silent peace. Yireh is an 8 week old Siberian Husky raised so far by Marty and Paul Bacon. The rest is now up to Nick who will have his hands full as he teaches Yireh how to stay out from under the wheels of his chair (or to at least not chew on them) and to one day run with him through the woods as they continue together the journeys and adventures that Nick started so many years and lifetimes ago with Sempi. Congrats Nick & Yireh! Looking forward to seeing you both strolling through the streets of Bigfork together.


Bill Ryan said...

Beautiful, as always! I have tears in my eyes, and I don't even know them!

Great work!
Bill Ryan

Anonymous said...

Nick sounded so happy when he called me last night. We have a 12 week old Siberian puppy and we were comparing "potty training" stories. Thank you for the wonderful photos! Nick and I decided to remain in contact with each other even though he found a puppy without my help. We are now friends because of the bond we share with our Huskies!

Gail Birdsong
Birdsong Siberian Husky Rescue

Kenneth Heelas said...

The photos of Sempi Nick and Yehri were heartbreaking also heartwarming and tell a wonderful story of a man and his best friend.I had the chance to know Sempi and Nick and would love to speak with him again if there is anyway this may reach him please pass along my # 716-534-9850.My name is Kenny .Thank you Nick for the most beautiful days of my life.May God Bless you and your new friend.