Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebrating Montana ~ Montana Documentary, Dog, People, & Fine Art Photography

A year ago this week I arrived at my new home in Montana after a long journey across the country and after many years of the long journey in my mind to find the place where humanity and nature would come together at one place and embrace me. And I found it - all of it - right here in Montana. Below is a selection of my favorite images (taken over the last year and some from my other visits prior to moving) that celebrate all that I had been looking to see and capture and found right here in this beautiful place.

favorite dog moments

favorite dog with their people moments

favorite people moments

favorite people in the landscape moments

favorite moments alone with the land

favorite moments with animals and the land


Moira said...

These are spectacular. You are making really special images as awe-some as this country. It would be easy to be dwarfed by your new home. But you are up to the task. Keep going.
Congratulations on your one-year anniversary.

Lauren Grabelle Photography said...

Thanks so much, Moira! Means a lot to me to hear it from you :)