Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wolf Tracking ~ Montana Dog & Fine Art Photography

In the depths of winter when canine portrait sessions have slowed down it's exciting to stumble on to a new canine species to photograph: Canis lupus.  While hiking here in my hometown of Bigfork, Montana, I came across these lone, large prints in the snow.  Although I never saw the wolf it was really interesting to follow her tracks for a bit and watch as her pace changed and her gait got shorter as she came to a sharp bend in the trail and then pick up pace again while she was on a straighter section.  Her print was over 4" and the bottom image shows Sugar's print in comparison.

Luckily even though it was meant to be a short hike I did bring along my compact camera, a Canon G12, which is really fun to shoot with and I almost never regret not toting heavier pro gear.

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Lynn said...

Wild! Used to love seeing coyote prints all over the fields when we lived in upstate NY, and our beagle loved poking his nose in every one. Nice to hear you like the G12--I'm on the lookout for a compact for excursions like this.