Thursday, February 23, 2012

Logan ~ Montana Dog & Pet Photography

One month before I even arrived in Montana from NJ I was contacted by Logan's human, Kim.  Two years later we finally managed to schedule a photo shoot as a surprise gift for her husband and Logan's other favorite human, Sonny.  In Logan's younger days he and Sonny traveled the northwest US and Canada bird hunting and hiking.  Now at almost 14 he loves his daily walks in the tall grasses of Montana, raft trips on the North Fork, but mostly, Kim says, he looks forward to his daily walks to the mailbox with Sonny.

I loved photographing Logan and I love these quiet photos.  A little less action than I normally catch and I had to go at Logan's pace, giving him lots of time to relax in the grass between different spots we visited at the historic Blasdel Barn (see previous blog post for details on this gorgeous structure).  When I asked Kim what their favorite part of Logan was to look at or to touch, she mentioned his forehead wrinkles that he never grew out of and has had since puppyhood.

Enjoy, Sonny & Kim, and thank you!

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Bill Ryan said...

awesome as always!