Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jewel Basin ~ Montana Documentary & Editorial Photography

Chief Aeneas Paul of the Kootenai
“Friends, I have seen the sun set on the minarets of Spain, and make splendid the dome of St. Sophia in Constantinople. I have watched the play of color upon the desert of Egypt, with the Sphinx and pyramids.  I have made a trail through the hinterland of the Canadian Rockies, to where the Aurora Borealis from the polar skies make the northern night glorious… but for kaleidoscopic lights and shadows, for octaves of tone and color, for unending variety of the moods and forms of Nature, Jewel Basin is the most charmed and charming spot in all the world.
~A sermon by Rev. Eugene Cosgrove, Helena, Sept. 14, 1919.

More beautiful scenery all in Jewel Basin that I am so fortunate to live near and is right here in Bigfork, Montana.  Hiking up to the top of the hightest peak in the Flathead Valley, Mt. Aeneas, named for the Kootenai chief pictured, is a treat not to be missed.

Sugar taking time to smell the flowers in Jewel Basin

Dreamy views of Birch Lake

View of Birch Lake

Sugar hiking back from Birch Lake

View of peak of Mt. Aeneas

View from peak of Mt. Aeneas looking south down the Swan Range

View of Picnic Lakes in Jewel Basin from the peak of Mt. Aeneas

Snow field coming down from peak of Mt. Aeneas descending into Jewel Basin

View from peak of Mt. Aeneas and hiking down into Jewel Basin towards Picnic Lakes

Hiking down into Jewel Basin towards Picnic Lakes

Chilly waters of Picnic Lake

Picnic Lake and perfect trail in Jewel Basin

Picnic Lake in Jewel Basin

Emerald flora in Jewel Basin

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