Sunday, February 17, 2013

Naked Judging: The 2012 Canteen Awards in Photography ~ Montana Fine Art Photography

You're invited!

On February 21st at 7pm EST you can watch a live stream of the final judging of a photo contest that I am a finalist in or you can even attend the event live if you are in the NYC area.

Canteen Magazine is holding this contest due to their "general disdain" for photography contests which is also why I entered.  They are attempting to make transparent every aspect of these affairs from the financials to the judging.

There are lots of details available on their website: all the entries are visible as well as all the first-round comments from the judges and comments from the participants.

I am one of the 25 finalists that will be going to the final round.  You can view my entry here.  The first-round of judging produced this commentary on my Hungry Horse series:

"Love the brutality here.  Nature bends to the artist's vision." (#69)

The judges in the finals are an impressive bunch so I am really looking forward to hearing all that they have to say about the chosen works.

Please come to this fun event and if you do have a chance to watch it please get in touch and let me know what you thought and learned from it.

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