Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Wedding: Sept. 1995

The past few days I have spent updating the wedding portfolios on my website and I found myself being nostalgic for the days of film and my early work so I've dug up Lisa & Torben's September 1995 wedding, the first wedding I ever shot almost 15 years ago. Torben was the casting director on a movie that I art directed a few years before and knowing that I was also a photographer they asked me to join them in Martha's Vineyard and shoot their wedding completely in b&w. Not only had I never shot a wedding, I hadn't even ever seen anyone's wedding photos except my parent's at that time. So I just winged it! The rest is history. These are still some of my all time favorite images, shot I believe with both a Nikon FM2 and an F4.

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