Monday, May 21, 2012

Kayaking & Flathead Lake ~ Montana Editorial Photography

Did you know that you can fit almost six Manhattan islands on Flathead Lake, the largest fresh water lake west of the Mississippi?  Yes, it's true.  And equally hard to grasp is that the population of Manhattan (residents only, not workers) is 1.6 million people.  Compare that to the entire state of Montana that currently has just 1,000,000 folks and is over 4000 times as large as Manhattan.

Just some thoughts I had recently, and then while kayaking on the lake got to feel those statistics as I heard through the silence the sound of a bird's feet dragging along the water surface as it went fishing in the beautiful emptiness of the lake.  I was not out that day on an assignment so I missed capturing that bird in a way that I could share it here, but I was in the dreamiest place out on the water on a wonderous day feeling practically lost at sea.

Here are some shots that I did get that day taken on my Canon G12.  And out of my love for Flathead Lake I've also included some of my favorites I've shot over the past two years in different seasons including one of my favorite traffic light at the north end of the lake and the only traffic light I've ever met that I always hope is red when I get to it so that I am forced to stop and take in the view.

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