Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beth & Chad ~ Montana Wedding Photography

Once again I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the days of film.  Oh, and also for the days when I was the only one at the wedding with a camera and none of the guests were distracted by their own gadgets!  This is the amazingly intimate wedding of Beth & Chad that I shot in 1999.  So long ago it seems but yet the images are everything I strive to achieve even today.  It took place entirely at Harkness Memorial State Park in Connecticut and it couldn't have been a more wonderful experience to have gotten to document.  I remember being very nervous (it was only about my 10th wedding) that there would be so few people and wondering what on earth I would even photograph and that they wanted it all in black and white (yes, b/w film).  Then I got there and saw all the wonderful smiling faces of their family and friends and my job was suddenly very obvious and easy.

For my of my early wedding photography check out this post of the first wedding I ever did on Martha's Vineyard in 1995.

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